Hotels, Restaurants & Bars

Beverage Concept Creation. We are skilled at development from the initial idea/concept, to planning, and realization of a concise beverage concept that best suits your needs.

Bar Design and Equipment Procurement. Cuffs & Buttons is well versed in the best equipment on the market and understands the importance of functionality and efficient service flow as it relates to a beverage program’s profitability.

Bar Systems & Profitability. Cuffs & Buttons will implement proprietary systems that help you determine accountability and profitability, while ensuring you have transparency with the overall beverage program’s performance.

Bar Menu Development and Design. Your menu will be flavor driven, inspiring, and will showcase your bar’s philosophy. Our development is rooted in the wondrous 200+ year history of the cocktail, but we are also committed to innovation and being at the forefront of cocktails. Signature, classic and non-alcoholic cocktails are included.

Staffing and Training. Cuffs & Buttons has a proven track record of success with training management, bartenders, and servers on spirit education, history, technique, and the science of balance and flavor to motivate your staff to be knowledgeable and passionate.

Product Sourcing and Promotion. Elite beverage programs use products that are not always commonplace. We help you understand these products and how to source them in a timely and cost-effective manner, so that your beverage program is consistent and seamless.

Ambiance. A true beverage program never forgets that the atmosphere is just as important as the cocktail in hand. Cuffs & Buttons is available to help with staff uniforms, music, and bar novelty items that help translate your vision and creates an enjoyable environment for your guests.

Beverage industry services

Signature Cocktail Development

Creative Brand Education Events for the Beverage Hospitality Industry

Marketing Strategy Development & Analysis

Brand Launches & Promotions

Representation at Industry Trade Shows & Festivals

Product Formulation & Development

Sales Force & Distributor Education Curriculum

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