Events & Catering

Event Analysis and Service Recommendations. Cuff & Buttons will listen to your individual needs and offer you a customized plan of execution. Intimate or large, casual or formal, themed or not, we look forward to bringing the “spirit” to your event!

Cocktail Creation and Menu Selection. Cuffs & Buttons has a repertoire of cocktails that span the 200+ year history of the great beverage. Our artisanal approach to cocktails is evident in our carefully selected spirits, fresh produce, fresh squeezed juices, and handcrafted syrups and infusions. We are also innovators who are always developing new cocktails and utilizing modern techniques. We specialize in serving classic and neoclassical cocktails, as well as beer, wine, and non-alcoholic options.

Experienced Professionals and Event Execution. The Cuffs & Buttons experience is marked by the expert knowledge of our team. Our bartenders have experience behind the vanguard cocktail establishments and have been chosen for their cocktail craftsmanship, genuine passion, and understanding of exceptional service. Cuffs & Buttons has set the standard for elevated beverage service at events near and far, and always add personality and poise to every event.

Cuffs & Buttons  442-D Lorimer Street #234,  Brooklyn, NY 11206  646.580.2833 (CUFF)